Tempio della Grande Dea Goddess Temple Rome

21st of December 2021
Celebration of the Winter Solstice
Live Ceremony online on ZOOM
In English and Italian language
21st Decembre 2021
19:30 – 21:30
Italian Time
Nature seems like suspended, She’s naked, showing her Essence and her structure, She shows herself unveiled, without any ornament.

Like Nature we ourselves are invited in this magical time to retire in our houses, in our nests, to look into ourselves without judgement, staying in the not-doing and resting.

This time is for vision and prophecy, for divination with clouds and snowflakes that cover Mother Earth in white.

We can exercise the art of detachment, learning to observe our lives from above, getting ready to walk the Labyrinth, drawing it and wearing it in a charm, to receive messages that may help us comprehend and clarify aspects of our life.

Yule is also the time of gift and for-giving, the time in which we can learn the secret art of sharing and mutual gift.
I’m this epoch in which everyone thinks egoistically, we can rediscover the beauty of creating something to give to those we love.

Are you ready to celebrate together this magical ceremony conducted by Priestess Vera Sganga?
Yule is the season of resting and purification, both of ourselves and of our houses, guided by Aphrodite of the Air, using the smoke of incense, the sound of bells and our voice.

Art by Wendy Andrews - Painting Dreams "Gaia's Winter Rest"

In this magic night we will meet Aphrodite of the Air through the sound of bells, we will reconnect with ourselves through the use of a perfumed essence and will prepare together a gift, blessing it with the sound of our voice.

Needed Materials:

  • prepare the altar with the symbols of Aphrodite of the Air (feathers, incenses, fans)
  • pieces of paper on which you can draw, coloured pencils
  • a bell or your favourite instrument
  • essential oil of your choice between lavender, cypress and pine
  • a gift to bless and prepare with gift card, and colourful ribbons
  • incense sticks or palo santo to purify the space
  • dress in white or silver or grey
Participate to the Winter Solstice Ceremony, supporting the Temple of the Great Goddess!

To participate to the ceremonies we ask for a minimum contribution of €5 as a donation to support the Temple.

We thank you in advance for your care! ♥️

Cerimonia di Samhain 2021