Tempio della Grande Dea Goddess Temple Rome
Self-Love Ceremony
In English and Italian language
Celebrated by Monica Graham
26th May 2022
Italian Time
on Zoom

In this Season of Love, we will honour ourselves, and the love we should have for ourselves. We are all beautiful creatures, and should celebrate accordingly. By engaging all our senses, we set the mood for self-love and pleasure.

You will need:
❖ Favorite Food or Drink
❖ Favorite Scent (perfume, essential oil)
❖ Favorite Sensual Music
❖ Full Length Mirror
❖ A Rose
❖ A Pink or White Candle
❖ Favorite Incense
❖ A Veil/Blindfold
❖ Small jar or container with a lid
❖ Dried rose petals
❖ Favorite Herb
❖ Clear Quartz
❖ Pink String
❖ Pink Salt

Preparation before Ceremony:

Take a ritual bath, invoking and honoring the Goddess, Fire, and Water. Arrive in only your favorite robe.

Cleanse your space, and prepare with dim lighting.

Participate to the Ceremony, supporting the Temple of the Great Goddess!

To participate to the ceremonies we ask for a minimum contribution of €5 as a donation to support the Temple.

We thank you in advance for your care! ♥️

Self-Love Ceremony 20/02/22