Tempio della Grande Dea Goddess Temple Rome
Celebration of the Ancestors
Online live ceremony on Zoom
in English and Italian
2nd November 2021 7.45pm Italian Time | Italian version
Samhain is the season of the Wheel of the Year that goes from the 31st of October to the 21st of December. We are in the depth of Great Mother’s womb, in the silence of peace and transformation.
In this period we experience a real phase of passage, a transformation, particularly the transition from the light half of the year to the dark one.
This passage has always been connected to Death, to the end of a cycle, and this is the moment in which we celebrate our Ancestors.

In this moment the Veil between the Worlds becomes thinner and the Spirits walk freely on our mortal dimension.
And it’s in this night that together we’re going to meet, honour and celebrate our Ancestors.
We will dance to honour the Spirits, we’ll donate them their favourite offerings, making a toast with them, remembering them and celebrating life in their name.

Are you ready to celebrate together this magical Ceremony, held by Priestesses Cindy Salvati and Inna?

Let our soul be nourished by consciousness, may it transform within us.
Let’s discover together the needed materials to actively partecipate to the Samhain
Ceremony 2021

  • Prepare your altar with photos of your Ancestors, with food, offerings and objects dear to them;
  • Your journal and pen;
  • Your genealogic tree printed;
  • A wand and some clothes;
  • A Cauldron and a big bowl full of water, with apples floating on its surface (the Coldren will need to be positioned at the centre of the circle);
  • Chrysanthemums (flowers of the dead ones) or other flowers (the ones that your dear one preferred in life) to place on your alter
  • A candle for each person or animal of which you want to honour the memory (you will leave it on the altar during the ceremony);
  • Incense with strong notes of myrrh and patchouly;
  • Pumpkin bread or fruit and spices cake, cakes and seasonal fruit (enough for everybody in your family, plus a little bit for each of the deer that ones);
  • Fruit and spices punch to pour in your chalice (with or without alcohol).
Join us for Samhain 2021, supporting the Tempio della Grande Dea!
To participate to the Ceremonies, we ask a minimum contribution of 5€ as a donation in support of the Temple.
We thank you in advance for your kind support! ♥️
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Cerimony Samhain 2021