ONLINE on ZOOM® | Monday 30th May starting at 7:30 PM (Italian Time)
Celebrated by Terhi Saarinen
In Italian and English language

Welcome on May 30th New Moon Ceremony.

Activate your deepest desire.

Create clear vision of your deepest heart's authentic desire right now, of what brings more joy and pleasure to your life. Discover what are the most essential action steps to make your desire come true.

Needed material:
  • Shell (for your own choose, which resonate with you)
  • Rose quartz
  • Candle
  • Insence
  • Pen
  • Diary

Participate to the Ceremony, supporting the Temple of the Great Goddess!
To participate to the ceremonies we ask for a minimum contribution of €5 as a donation to support the Temple.
We thank you in advance for your care! ♥️
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