Tempio della Grande Dea Goddess Temple Rome
Full Moon Ceremony
By Letizia Rossi
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Created by Letizia Rossi

Wednesday 13th July 2022

In Summer Time we observe the water. It doesn't lose its essence, but adapts its flow to the surrounding environment. So we can observe our life, and we can understand how much we manage to keep our essence intact, how much we let what surrounds us influence and shape us.

The energy of the Full Moon will accompany us on a journey into the deep depths of our inner sea, to establish an intense contact with our body.
We will take time to listen to each other in authenticity, and to bring love, understanding and healing where it is needed.

Whether it is through a gentle and placid calm or an impetuous and overwhelming storm, will we be able to sail towards our essence?

Needed Material
  • The chalice of your altar, or a chalice you love, with water inside
  • A white candle (or your Aphrodite flame, if you have it)
  • Your favorite kind of incense
  • A calm and quiet place where you can lie down comfortably (if you want you can use pillows, mattresses, mats, everything that makes you feel comfortable)
  • Diary and pen
Participate to the Ceremony, supporting the Temple of the Great Goddess!
To participate to the ceremonies we ask for a minimum contribution of €5 as a donation to support the Temple.

We thank you in advance for your care! ♥️

Full Moon Ceremony 13/07/22