Tempio della Grande Dea Goddess Temple Rome
Ceremony in honor of
Aphrodite Pharmaka
TUESDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 2022 • 7:30 PM Italian Time
Celebrated by Hanni Alho
Welcome to celebrate the Turn of Wheel in Autumn Equinox in Honor of Aphrodite Pharmaka!

In the Northern Hemisphere the air turns crispier, days start growing shorter and the winter season starts approaching.

We may hear the Dark Crone Aphrodite already whispering to us. But we are not at her season yet...

As now the nature is offering its gifts as fruits, berries, mushrooms and a great variety of colourful leaves and earth shades. When the sun shines everything feels wrapped in honey golden light.

Aphrodite is a Lady of Pomegranate: a fruit that symbolizes life and death, transitions and the liminal potent spaces, the underworld and the earthly garden."

— Needed material:

  • a pomegranate
  • pomegranate juice and/or seeds
  • two different sound instruments you can do clearing the summer season and invoking opening the autumn season
  • light and dark veil/scarf etc to cover you head
Participate to the Ceremony, supporting the Temple of the Great Goddess!

To participate to the ceremonies we ask for a minimum contribution of €5 as a donation to support the Temple.

We thank you in advance for your care! ♥️

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